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  • Dissertation Covers

    Dissertation front covers are available from the MSc Courses Administrator.


  • Title Page

    The first page comprises a standard form obtainable from the MSc Courses Administrator. It lists:

    - The title of the dissertation

    - Student Name

    - Student Number

    - Submission date,

    - Module number

    - Supervisor

    - Course Title


  • Abstract

    Approximately 600-word summary of report.  The purpose of the abstract is to give the reader of the report a quick overview of the dissertation.


  • Acknowledgements

    If you wish to make any acknowledgements (or to dedicate your work to someone) then the page following the summary or abstract is the most appropriate place for this.


  • Contents

    This follows the acknowledgements page and is a list of the sections, subsections, etc. Page numbers must be given for each section. You may use as many subdivisions of sections as are necessary.



  • List of Figures

    These should be listed in the order in which they occur in the body of the report, giving page numbers


  • Chapters

    Body of report organised into numbered sections for instance


    1. Introduction

      Project rationale

      Outline of the problem

      Objectives of the project

    2. Research

      Survey of related products and literature

      Theoretical Study

    3. Method


      Description of how problem was defined

      Initial work schedule

      Design process and decisions

      Implementation and testing

    4. Conclusion

      Critical appraisal of the project

      Lessons learnt

      Product/Deliverable evaluation

      Work plan review, including deviations necessary


  • References

    All references cited in the text must be listed in the reference section.  The purpose of citing references in the text is to acknowledge the ideas and work of other authors and to enable your reader to find the source of your information if they should wish. Reference should be cited using the Harvard System.

    Guidance on how to reference your work correctly using what is known as the Harvard Referencing System may also be found on the Brookes website at



  • Bibliography

    The Library produces a very useful free handout on citing bibliographical references.


  • Appendices

    Some people include one or more appendices. An appendix is "an addition subjoined to a document or book having some contributory value, but not essential to completeness" (OED). For example you may have collected 7,500 items of data in your project, the result section could contain a series of tables or graphs to summarise the data; the raw data could be held in an appendix.


  • Autogenerated Code

    It is quite common for software tools to automatically generated programming code which you might then customise with code which you yourself have written. When providing documentation for your dissertation make sure that you are clear which code is your own work and which code has been autogenerated.


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