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This dissertation should emphasize the convergence of the social web and the future of web as main media.

We will try to define what the web is and what the web has to be in order to become the first mass media.

We will talk about theoretical evolutions as web 2.0 and technical improvements with FTTH*. This association will create a lot of new web services.

Then we will talk about the best way to access and interconnect all these services through a social web portal.

The second objective of this dissertation is to create a document which standardize this portal concept. What are the needs of communities ? Which functionnalities ?

The PortalLib project is an open source library providing generic components for vertical portals*. Main technical objectives are authentification, user handling, video, RSS, web semantic, accessibility.

To achieve my project I will stay tuned to the W3C and web 2.0 community. I'll try to interview majors european actors of the web 2.0.


Video created by Michael Wesch


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