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Rationale for choice of project


I discovered computer science in SUPINFO, a private school in Paris. I've learnt for four years as mush as possible to choose the best way, which fitted the most with my personality. Since two years I've specialized in web technologies, learning by myself advanced java (JSP, Struts), advanced php (PHP5, Prado framework) and dot.net 2. Moreover I update my technical work with the latest innovations, e.g. : AJAX. So the Msc in Web Technologies seems to be a good way to increase my technical knowledge.

So I discovered the Web by his technical side, but nowadays, it is not the point that makes me loving what I do. As you know, since few years internet has been transformed. Internet 1.0 is dead and its new version is much more interesting. The version 2.0 is more social and cheaper to build.

The social aspect fit to my personality, I liked the concept that the people rules the information. With old medias (TV, Radio, Web 1.0) information was unilateral, one to many, and it's changing to many-to-many communications. Actually a business on the web can't be unaware of his community and have to let the community talking and exchanging.

I already tried to start my own business one year ago (kestudy.com), a kind of french version of myspace. In fact kestudy.com brought much more services to students. We've got courses on a wiki, we used google map API to show where were our users, we've got blogs, photos and much more ... Unfortunately we (me and two associates) were too busy to work at full time on the project, so one year later we decided to stop this trip. I've learnt a lot thanks to kestudy, and now I look at the web 2.0 differently. Definitely I think there are a lot of things to make around web communities.

Of course my project will be closely bound to my current courses. The technical part will implement AJAX,W3C recommendations, semantic web.

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