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Proposal guidelines

(From P00012 - Dissertation Writing Guidelines)


Format: A4, word processed, double spaced, approx. 1500 words


  1. Front Page: Name, Date, Version, Title of Project, Name of Supervisor
  2. Table of Contents: for each main section
  3. Introduction: Subject topic area, Key Issues, Brief description of activity, Who is undertaking the work, Intended deliverable
  4. Rationale for Choice of Project: Your interests and skills, Career interests, How project relates to the course
  5. Objectives: Main purpose, Undertake research relating to proposed system, Evaluation of appropriate existing hardware and software, Design and development of hardware and software, Specification of goals of the project, Specification of final system, Details of actual or possible applications of the work, Summary of intended deliverables
  6. Method: Background material studied with comments on relevance, How you intend to accomplish your objectives, How can the final system be tested or verified
  7. Resources: Hardware, software and information sources, Availability of help and experts for advice, List of references, Items that will need to be obtained, Budgets
  8. Schedule: Gantt & PERT chart indicating Project Life Cycle stages, design process and deliverable dates -allow adequate time for research and final report preparation
  9. References and Bibliography: fully cited references and related material. Possibly to Include an annotated bibliography.
  10. Appendices: Of relevant technical material to the project but which is out of place in the main body of text.

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