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Researches and Bibliography








Other interesting profiles:

  • Pierre Chappaz (Entrepreneur) 
  • Ouriel Ohayon (Techncrunch) (busy)
  • Tariq Krim (Entrepreneur)
  • Daniel Dardailler (danield@w3.org, daniel@dardailler.net) (Accessbility) (-> Karl Dubost needs specific questions)
  • Nova Spivack (nova@radarnetworks.com) (Web Semantic) (busy)
  • Danah Boyd (danah@danah.org) (Community) (busy)
  • Jonathan Bishop (jonathan@jonathanbishop.com, jonathanbishop@hotmail.com) (Community) (done)
  • Vanessa DiMauro (?)  (Community)
  • Sheizaf Rafaeli (sheizaf@rafaeli.net) (Community)
  • Sherry Turkle (sturkle@media.mit.edu) (Community)
  • Howard Rheingold (hlr@well.com) (Community)
  • Jake McKee (jake@communityguy.com) (Community) (busy, waiting for final version)
  • Brian Matthews (B.M.Matthews@rl.ac.uk) (Semantic Web)
  • John Nealon (JohnNealon@brookes.ac.uk) (Semantic Web)
  • Bill Johnston (bjohnston@forumone.com) (Community) (done)
  • Hooman Radfar (hooman@clearspring.com) (Widgets)


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